[Fate/Grand Order] Dioscuri’s NP Gain

[Fate/Grand Order] Dioscuri’s NP Gain

The twins is solid good Arts Saber.

Skillset levels: 8/8/8
Craft Essence: Formal Craft (LB)

Part 1: party with Double Tamamo and Paracelsus
Part 2: party with Double Tamamo and Nero Bride

I haven’t tested with NP2 above, but it’s possible to recharge their NP into 200% back after unleashed their NP. Of course with the buffs from Arts support skills.

Not to mention their 7 passive skills, I believe they worth to spend your quartz.
Good luck fellow JP Master!

This scene taken from JP Mobage Fate/Grand Order.
Thanks Hendra for the support and help.

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