[Fate/Grand Order] Romulus=Quirinus’s Noble Phantasm (with English Subs)

[Fate/Grand Order] Romulus=Quirinus’s Noble Phantasm (with English Subs)


NP effect:
Strong [Roma] Special Attack [Lv.5] to all enemies. (The more [Roma] characteristics of the target, the higher the special attack power (up to 10)) & [Roma] characteristics are given to the target (5 turns) + Increase attack power of all allies (3 turns) (Increase effect by overcharge & add [Roma] characteristics (5 turns)).


More status details:

SSR Lancer
ATK 12273
HP 13632
4/2/2/5 extra/5 NP
0.59% NP gain ATK/4% def

1. Party: Atk and Crit up 10-20% up, if they’re Romans, also get crit up 20-30%. Enemy Party: Inflict Roman status 5 turns
2. Self: Invul 2 times 3 turns, NP charge 20-30%, get 10 stars
3. Self: Buster up 20-30% 3 turns, Star Weight up 300-500% 1 turn, gain [inflict Roman Status 5 turns on critical attacks] 3 turns

Debuff resist up 20%
Crit up 9%
Damage cut 225, Buster up 9%


More info and details:

This scene taken from JP Mobage Fate/Grand Order.

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