【Fate/Grand Order】Bonds | Comic Dub (Lostbelt 1 Spoilers)

【Fate/Grand Order】Bonds | Comic Dub (Lostbelt 1 Spoilers)

When the battles have ended, when the storms have calmed down, when all is said and done, Ritsuka shows Kadoc what really matters most in the end.

Translator + Typesetter: u/DjiDjiDji

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Please don’t roast me I know I can’t pronounce Anastasia right haha. orz

Finch: Gale has really good angst, huh.
Red: Yeah, it’s def one of his strongest suits. But I think it’s also just because he’s really attached to Kadoc, yknow?
Finch: Huh?
Red: You know, like how you bring your A-game when you voice either Ishtar or Rin. Gale brought his A-game for Kadoc.

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🌠 Shizuka-Nee – Anastasia

🌠 HaruTsunX – Ritsuka

🌠 Gale – Kadoc

💖 RedVelvetVA – Mashu, Editor

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