【FGO】Kijyo Koyo (Berserker) Servant Demonstration【Fate/Grand Order】

【FGO】Kijyo Koyo (Berserker) Servant Demonstration【Fate/Grand Order】

SR Berserker
Kijyo Koyo
CV: Yoko Hikasa
Artist: NOCO

Noble Phantasm
Burns herself (3T) [Demerit] and increases her attack (3T) (increased with overcharge) + deals damage to a single enemy

Shapeshift (Dinosaur) C
Increases her defense (3T) and star absorb (1T)

Kuzuryū​’s Flash of Lightning A
Increases her Buster and Quick performance (3T) and grants NP overcharge +1 to an ally

Lifeline B
Restores every ally’s HP, clears a single debuff from them and grants them instant death immunity (3T)

Transalation by Konchew

Something something dinosaur…

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