【FGO】Utsumi Erice (Lancer) Servant Demonstration【Fate/Grand Order】

【FGO】Utsumi Erice (Lancer) Servant Demonstration【Fate/Grand Order】

SR Lancer
Utsumi Erice
Artist: NOCO
CV: Akari Kito

Noble Phantasm:
Low chance to insta-kill every enemy (probability increases with overcharge) before dealing AoE damage and dispelling defensive buffs

Active Skills:
Wicked Medium A
Increases her Arts performance (3T) and grants her evasion (2H, 3T)

Der Freischütz (Imitation) B
Grants her true hit (1T) and increases her star absorb (1T)

Shinigami B
Increases her insta-kill chance (3T) and her critical damage (3T) and gives her bonus damage against Servants (3T)

Translation by Konchew

I rate her 14/10


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