Fate/Grand Order #123 | 6th Singularity, CAMELOT: Section 15 (3/3)

Fate/Grand Order #123 | 6th Singularity, CAMELOT: Section 15 (3/3)

Section 15: The God King Ozymandias (3/3)

We have reached Ozymandias’ temple. And as told by the Pharaoh himself, as we return to his temple, we will be enemies now. But we will still convince him to join our side to fight against the Lion King. So the battle has begun.

Fate/Grand Order is a mobile game made by DelightWorks in association with Type-Moon and Aniplex. This video is suitable for people with the ages 13 and above. Any viewer with the ages of 12 and below need parental guidance when watching this video.

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So this is what happens when you play this chapter half asleep XD. It’s so embarassing to show the fights that showed how stupid I was and somehow I succeeded in the end with no deaths. Well since the Knights of the Round Table are the true threats in this singularity but still, Ozymandias, along with Nitocris, and the Demon Pillar was a bit of a challenge.

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