【Fate/Grand Order】Tristan VS. Leonidas | Comic Dub

【Fate/Grand Order】Tristan VS. Leonidas | Comic Dub

A what-if scenario taking place during the Camelot Singularity: How would an interaction between the arrogant archer and the immovable mountain go? Sometimes memories of one’s old flames never really go away.

🎨: https://twitter.com/ClinickCase/status/1216340064017534976?s=20

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As you can obviously tell, I’m a big fan of this artist’s works and I always strive to do them justice. I really love the scenarios they weave together, it just makes so much /sense/ yknow? Their twitter also has a bunch of short comics that give you a good laugh. Please check out their art stuff!

As you can obviously tell, I am also a fan of my friends’ voice work!! Haru’s performance as Tristan, while short, really nailed his arrogance, especially at the end. And Hyz? Oh sweet mother of embers and QP. HIS LEONIDAS WAS AMAZING. I swear I got so much chills down my spine when he first sent me the recording. You could tell he had fun with the role too. I’m just… AAAAAH. I’m so lucky to work with such talented people.

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🌠 Hyzengard – Leonidas

🌠 HaruTsunX – Audio Cleanup, Tristan

💖 Hred Velvet – Editor

📌Tracks Used:
Track 16 – 1神に造られしもの – FGO Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia OST

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