Fate/Grand Order – Arthur Pendragon (Saber)’s Noble Phantasm

Fate/Grand Order – Arthur Pendragon (Saber)’s Noble Phantasm

My family and I were just staying home for the COVID-19, but we just hang out outside or visit my cousin’s place every week. I don’t know about the reveal character to be coming from Fate/Grand Order Arcade, and then a few months later that Arthur Pendragon is now playable.

I was thinking it was either Arthur or some other characters that are not from the Arcade. I was just kidding, but they were not kidding since I saw a gameplay of Arthur Pendragon in Fate/Grand Order Arcade.

I watched Fate/Prototype a long time ago and then I watch it again today cause they change some Lancer or another Gilgamesh. It was okay!

Arthur’s voice sounds cute like a handsome prince and his Noble Phantasm was much much better than from the mobile~ 😍

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