Fate/Grand Order – Lady Reines’s Case Files – Now Available

Fate/Grand Order –  Lady Reines’s Case Files – Now Available

“Fate/Grand Order’s” newest event has arrived! The Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files x Fate/Grand Order Collaboration Event, Lady Reines’s Case Files, is out now!

“The train stops in London’s past. Standing at the center of the city is the Clock Tower, an ivory tower built by the obsessive, where mages proudly call their institution the essence of knowledge. It is a city brimming with magecraft and Mystics, where conspiracy and conflict cycle endlessly in pursuit of the Root.

And in this world of mages, at a simple flat, an encounter with a living Lord and a dead Lord… The smell of blood in the air signals the beginning of a new mystery, a new case.

‘Hm? Of course you’re going to cooperate. Don’t tell me you’re going to abandon a frail, defenseless young lady, are you?’”

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